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Welcome To Benfield

We Invest in People as well as Businesses

We’re here to help SME’s:

We’re creating  groups of complimentary companies.  If you have a turnover of between £0.5m and £20m we’re interested in buying or partnering with you. Even if your firm is distressed, lost turnover and cash flow or has creditors hammering on the door, we will work to improve sales, profitability and value for all everyone.

We Invest in, Grow and Sell Highly Profitable Businesses

By building groups of similar companies we improve the combined exit value, whether through a Private Equity buy-out or Initial Public Offering.

Our Acquisitions and Partners

Our Acquisitions and Partners are generally SMEs from £0.5m to £20m turnover but can be many times this as long as they have been trading for at least 5 years or so. They may be of companies that have gone a bit ‘stale’, or even off the rails. In all cases they will be looking to raise capital, create significant growth, collaborate, sell, or a combination of these things.

Our partners can be other professionals, tax specialists, legal, accountancy and finance experts each selected for their proven expertise.

Cutting Bureaucracy and Delays

By working directly with business owners and cutting out many layers of bureaucracy we save time, money and frustration for everyone.

We can assess whether a deal is ‘do-able’ within days and can value and complete an investment within a few weeks. If your circumstances require a very fast decision we’re even able to achieve ‘same day’ settlements.

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Our specialism is choosing winners – then investing for growth and value

We think and act ‘creatively’, using proven management strategies, accounting techniques, financial solutions, and new ideas. By developing people, restructuring operations and creating the greatest possible opportunity for investment returns, we release business owners from the tedium of day to day and give them more time to spend on family, friends and other pursuits.

Are You Ready?

If the time has come for you to reconsider your position and would like some help or to sell some or all of your shares, talk to us about our investing in your firm to improve growth and value.

We are ‘Seasoned’ by Experience

With Start-ups, Turnarounds,, Private and Public companies under our belts, we’ve been involved in the public sector, utilities, service and  manufacturing industries, with electronics, housing, construction, consultancy and agency strongly at the fore.

We’ve been there

We’ve run small and medium sized companies, project managed individual and volume housing and pubic woks schemes, been consultants and NED’s, managed R&D developments, trained people for craft and professional skills, sat on trade, industry and public boards – and, yes, sometimes made some poor and costly decisions but more often turned out sensible, if not remarkable, profits.

As entrepreneurial investors, we being many decades of collective experience to bear on the task of growing your business and people. We don’t want to usurp or replace anyone. Instead we want to build on the skills and expertise that already accumulated, adding this to our own for even better future performance. 

Shed Your Worries
Having started, bought, built, turned-round, grown and sold all sizes and types of business for ourselves and others, we know what it’s like and have learned the lessons.

We know how difficult, worrying, time consuming, frustrating, desperate and – ultimately – rewarding it can be.

We’ve experienced big company operation and how they can make it difficult for SMEs to compete, so our aim is to ‘level the playing field’ for all our group businesses.

There are no fees for our investment in …

UK businesses with annual sales between £0.5 and £20m – sometimes more – that have an established trading record, are in need of assistance to overcome one or more present difficulties or where the owner/s  want to retire, sell part or all of their business, raise investment, merge their company and/or create more time for ‘life’.

Looking after your people

Typically we leave management in place, reinforcing and developing this to grow profits and, if required, leaving the   present owner/s with an ongoing interest to benefit from this.

To receive our expression of interest within 48 hours just send us, in confidence:

Everything is confidential and we exchange mutual non-disclosure agreements after your initial call or e-mail.

First please note that we are very ‘Green’ environmentally, so we look to acquire firms that share or can be directed to make a real difference to environmental sustainability.

To build and grow complimentary groups we’re looking for synergy wherever possible. For example in the housebuilding and construction sector this covers: