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Benfield Group

we grow Profitable Businesses

The Benfield Group are Private Equity Investors who champion the cause of SME’s to grow businesses and promote sustainable and environmentally sound lifestyles for everyone.

From designing and building energy-efficient and sustainable new homes and schools, material and service supplies, to e-commerce, consultancy, promotion, and other related and interesting opportunities, we invest in training and developing people. Our businesses and brands help people get more out of life and we’re constantly enhancing these to deliver more rewarding experiences.

By helping promote sustainable development and environmentally-sound lifestyles, Benfield Group aims to create a sustainable future – together, with our customers and partners. We also believe that the very business of conducting business in a responsible way has a positive social impact. We create and share wealth, invest in local economies and develop people’s skills – both inside our organisation and in the communities around us.

As a Group of Companies, we are passionate about building on the efforts and ideas of former business owners. We take pride in what they have done and what we can do to enhance this.

Servicing the needs of customers as well as fellow professionals our core interests are around:

… although other opportunities may be of interest.

Benfield Group recognises that our true strengths lie in the knowledge and experience of our dedicated team of professional