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Bethel Teferra, Senior Consultant at Ramboll, illustrates how a modular, sustainable high-rise tower that evolves with a city’s needs could be a vision of regenerative future living.

Modular houses may have been around for a while, but modular high-rise with flexibility in function is a relatively new concept. Imagine a highrise building made up of modular units that can be slotted in-and-out, with spaces for living, working and playing – a building whose functions evolve according to a city’s needs, built with sturdy and sustainable materials and a building that’s adaptable, practical and eco-friendly.

Created by Haptic Architects and engineering firm Ramboll, the ‘Regenerative High-Rise’ blends exactly this flexibility and functionality and aims to redefine conventional uses and lifespans of high-rise buildings in cities worldwide. Constructed from a hybrid timber mix, the high-rise shows how tall buildings can be both versatile and green at a time when climate change is a pressing concern and requires a drastic rethink of the built environment.

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