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This frequent frustration highlights the relative inaccuracy of conventional postcode addressing, which though able to take you to the door in most cities, becomes much less exact in remote locations or large rural areas.

In some countries, postcodes cover a range of possibilities, from several municipalities to a single company. Others allow companies and individuals to have more than one code. Only 12 countries worldwide support a postcode to the delivery point level and at least 65 countries do not have a postal code system. What’s more, postcodes are unable to identify precise locations, such as a back entrance to a building, or a designated drop off point on a site.

Overreliance on and inappropriate use of postcodes is a common problem in the UK, explains Phil Geng, technical relationship consultant at the National Mapping Agency: “UK postcodes on average represent 15 addresses per postcode, with a maximum of 100 addresses under a single postcode. Some span huge distances, especially in the remote parts of the country where precise locations are seemingly more elusive.”

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