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How We Create Better Businesses

Better Businesses Are Possible


As with anything that is worthwhile doing, we spend much time and effort to

Understand the needs and aspirations of all our stakeholders, e.g

  • Technical, Administrative and other staff
  • Professional Partners like designers, surveyors, project managers
  • Planners, Building Inspectors, Project Funders
  • Developers, Builders, Customers and End Users
  • Neighbours and the wider community

Devise and Deliver specialist information and educational programmes to help them

  • Enjoy fulfilling and satisfying careers delivering amazing and outstanding projects
  • Be proud of the quality, appearance, and durability of what they create and help deliver
  • Develop their
    • Sense of social responsibility and community engagement
    • Individual capabilities via training, dissemination & further qualifications
  • Share a clear mutual understanding of their reciprocal objectives and obligations

Ensure that Corporate Goals

  • Are Fully understood
  • Take full and proper account of environmental considerations
  • Reflect both customers brief and end user requirements
  • Integrate energy considerations and the ongoing monitoring and control of these

Integrate Technical, IT & Other Sustainable Considerations to

  • Use advanced tools & techniques to visualise and create in virtual reality
  • Create practical products with ‘in-built’ sustainability
  • Resolve potential issues before final commitment to deliver
  • Anticipate Health & Safety and other difficulties during production, delivery, use, maintenance, de-commissioning and eventual removal.

Deliver Comprehensive ‘Low Energy’ Business Solutions by

  • Taking a ‘Whole Life Cycle’ view of each individual project
  • Adopting a total Life Cycle approach to design and delivery
  • Selecting the most appropriate materials with lowest embodied energy
  • Applying low energy approaches and techniques to all operations.

Constantly Remind Ourselves and Others that Better Business must

  • drive efficient, economical and cost effective production, operation and maintenance
  • integrate with their individual locations and environments
  • promote comfortable, enjoyable places to live and work in
  • be ‘beautiful’ to look at throughout their lifespans

Always Strive To Improve on What We Do, becoming

  • Better today than we were yesterday – and better still tomorrow
  • Able to improve on our products and services
  • Increasingly Happy that what we do makes a real contribution to helping others
    • Enjoy trouble free living
    • Get excellent value for money
    • Treasure their products for their lifetimes
  • Committed to meeting the highest standards of social and environmental transparency, accountability, and performance, and to be part of a global movement redefining business success not as being best in the world, but for the world.