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We Believe in Building Better Businesses

The Global Challenge

why "Better Businesses" are important

We Don’t Have 5 Planets

World resources are rapidly depleting, mainly as a result of unsustainable growth pursued by developed and developing nations. For the rest of the world to enjoy the same standards of living as advanced countries like North America and Europe we would need the resources of 5 planet earths, but we’ve only got one to share around.

Needing More for Less

That is unless we change the way we do things and find routes to reducing our consumption of non-renewable natural resources, like the fossil fuels needed for the energy essential to keep our homes warm and cool, for industry to keep producing the goods we need, for the modes of transport needed for these to be delivered, and to enable us to continue to enjoy individual personal mobility.

The ‘Low Energy’ Driver

So, in our own small way we are attempting to develop and grow more energy efficient businesses. This includes finding ways to use less energy in design, manufacture, delivery and servicing, as well as businesses promoting less energy for heating and cooling, for their ongoing maintenance, for flexibility in use so that products last longer, and for their eventual dismantling, removal and disposal.

The Importance of Success

The more successful we can be in doing this will, we believe, help deliver a better, more satisfying and enjoyable life for everyone. At the same time it will lend help toward achieving greater global equity as well as setting good examples for our competitors and consumers.

A Truly Worthwhile Mission

In our view – and we hope yours also – we believe this is a truly worthwhile ‘mission’ for our organisation, our employees, partners, individual customers, and our wider stakeholders. By creating fantastic businesses for everyone to work in and enjoy, also means working with other groups and individuals trying to make our communities happier and healthier places to be. Participation in great social impact initiatives like this adds both that warm feeling of supporting something good and the chance to connect with people, businesses, community and opportunity, driving us to support and highlight the great efforts of others.